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fever makes things funny

102.9...yep I'm just that hot...uggg I feel like shit and I'm all sweaty....its great.  But I did just watch Sanctuary's last ep and it was awesome...I want to complain though...I don't want to see will in underwear....please 2 episodes in a row...I much rather see Helen in her underwear...or just in boxers if thats what the scene needs...which it does...ok so I'm going to go take a cool shower to try and drop my fever so I wont have to miss even more work......stupid flu 

I'm Home

That was the worst trip to Ireland ever.....but my weekend was awesome since I ditched my boss and went out on my own.  I never knew someone could wine so much about not having a starbucks on the corner.  Even though the coffee shop down the block served the best tea I've had in a long time.  What a downer.  But I did rent a car and drove down to Castlegregory and saw some of my friends I haven't seen in years...and had a pint.....or seven.  I now know why my work buddy said good luck when he told me I had to go on the trip with my boss...bonus note is I get to meet Mario Batali tomorrow to talk to him about his iPhone app and his next book and updates he wants....and yes I am wearing the National color of Batali, I bought an orange shirt for tomorrow that doesnt make me look like a moron.   Now i'm off to help my friend find shoes for her date tonight...I hate shopping...save me


Ok after yesterday's post of not likeing my job....I lied....They are sending me to IRELAND!!!! its for some software cooking booking writing thing that I totay wasnt listening to...cause I'm going home....I'll be on a flight to Dublin in the a.m. and I can't wait.  I thought working in this book company in the culinary section would be shit.....but ohh I love my job...Thanks to my step mom for getting me this job and saving me from nothingness.......ok now I have to pack and pray I put my pasport where I think it did.....wow I feel like I'm 5 getting ready to go to disney world......I'm sad...but who cares WOOHOO!

woohoo internet my name is Emma

Its about freaking time.  Emma...move to New York for a raise and promotion...ok..Emma we will take care of your moving and place to live...awsome

Little did I know the Condo just got finished last week...and the people moving me lost half of my boxes...some with pics of my father and me which I can never get back...and my laptop which has EVERYTHING on it.....I knew i should of just taken it with me....but noo I took my iPad without the charger....I'm an idiot.  But i have a shiny new computer...a charger for my iPad (hey it was free anyways) and nothing in a condo that is small anywhere else but New York....on the plus side there is this awsome bar about a block away which is where I will be going soon......I should have stayed in Chicago...at least my friends and family were there

I hate my place

I'm moving......I don't care when...I don't care where...I need to move

Its bad when I walk my date to her car and have teenage boys snickering when I kiss her and ask if they can watch.....THEY WERE 12!

I'm moving to somewhere in like the middle of nowhere....hmm maybe back to Ireland..ohh or Canada....I don't know maybe we'll just go to her place instead...at least there I only have old ladies shake there head at me...and not young boys leering at my girlfriend....

anyone want to move to Ireland

world...meet Lola

*does a happy dance*

It's offical.....I got a new puppy...

Her name is Lola and she's a Norwigian Elkhound....and the sweetest puppy ever!! I know....I'm hooked but look at her face and say that you wouldn't spoil her


I soo wish I would have taken my friend seriously when he said he lets not go home from Spain.  I was going to go get my nephew from school and my car was covered in ice....not to mention so was the side walk, the road, and every other thing you saw....awsome if your a hockey player....not awsome if you wore your trainers from the gym that have no traction what-so-ever.....happy note...I think his teacher was flirting with me...which is awsome!!!

for lisa b.

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Re-post this in your LiveJournal if you know someone who has, had or has been affected by cancer. 93% won't even take the time to copy and paste this. Will you?



I slept for more than an hour....thats a new record since last week

At 3:48 am tomorrow morning it will officaly be a week since my dad past....maybe being excited about getting 3 hours of sleep isnt a good thing but I will take what I can get.  I did notice that at 2 am on some random cartoon channel I have they were playing Captain Planet.  I dont know about anyone else but I love that show as a kid.  Now I need a run...have fun...

Ohh and two post in the same week is new for me too....wow I'm a record breaking machine

I'm back...but now what do I do

SOO...Hi everyone.  I know I've been gone forever...alots happened in the months I've been gone...heck a lots happened this weekend...but lets start with the beginning...
   I was in deep with my girlfriend....We moved to Montana because I was transferred...moved in together...and then she found out she hated Montana but loved my co-worker...So I transferred again when i could..to Maine.....I dug into my work...figured the less I thought about it the less it would bother me.  I didn't have a computer...no internet...it was hell....but i lived out in the country with some cousins of mine...helped on a farm while trying to fix the problems at work. 

  So finally my old job re-opened back at home so I moved back...where i found out tha my ex got married to my co-worker.....and my best friend moved away without mentioning it.....but I deserved that since i did about the same.  I got back into my cycle...spent time with my family...kept to my self and spent time with my family...and now we get to this past week....where i finally got my new comp and my internet  back up and running when the worst happened.

  I just went to bed after going out with one of my friends to see some movie...that I can't even remember now when my older sister (tech she's my step-sister but we don't count the step part) saying my dad was in the hospital having a hard time breathing....so I woke up my sis and my nephew and started the drive...half way there we were told to hurry because things were getting worse.  When we got there to talk to my step mom they still hadn't let anyone back to see him because they were working on him.  Ten minutes later the doctor came in to say he didnt make it.  I've never lost a parent...and unless you have its hard to understand. 

And now I don't know what to do.....I'm off of work till saturday because of bereavement.....and the fact that everything makes me cry.  Now when I say that i need to explain that I never cry....ever...i have been told that i dont have emotions...I can remember 4 major times that I've cried...the main one is when my nephew was born....the second when i thought I might loose my nana....the third when I lost my granddad....and the fourth when I broke my leg in 3 places...cause it hurt...and now I can stop...I was driving home from my step moms house and this old country song came on called islands in a stream and I had to pull over because I was crying too hard.  I had a prayer card from his funeral since my family's catholic and its really sweet and makes me cry every time I read it....which is all the time.

And now I'm trying to occupy my mind with useless or happy fic and its not working..so if anyone has any awsome fic....or ideas to take my mind off things...right now I could really use them...but on a better note....I'm back to lj..yay